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The Don Hanson Resource Box competition is now closed!

Our competition to excite students across Australia and to encourage thinking about how ecosystems function, has closed.

Winning entries will be awarded the following prizes:

1st prize: $1,000 Amazon vouchers | 2nd prize:$500 Amazon vouchers |3rd prize: $250 Amazon vouchers | Plus 10 runner up prizes of $100 in vouchers. 

The competition closed on September 30th, 2023. Winners will be announced shortly!

Living Landscapes Volume 2

A journey through Australia’s rich and diverse First Nations cultures

“Nothing about us, or for us, without us”.

Due to the resounding success and interest in Living Landscapes Volume 1, JGIA are excited to have teamed with 8 more First Nation groups to bring you a second edition of this beautiful book. 

This book illustrates and celebrates Australia’s vibrant cultural diversity as we visit islands of the Torres Strait to the sea cliffs of the Great Australian Bight.

Through the insight and perspectives contributed by the First Nation groups introduced in these pages, readers can learn from the knowledge-holders themselves. This book seeks to entice you to discover more, learn more, and experience the lifelong journey of understanding culture.

Connecting with fellow humans and sharing wisdom, as we find a path forward as custodians of this world, has never been more important.

Living Landscapes Volume 2

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Living Landscapes Volume 2

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Immerse yourself in the captivating tapestry of Australia’s First Nations cultures.

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The rivers and wetlands of the Murray Darling Basin

Journeys along the Basin’s three longest rivers.

The rivers and wetlands of Australia’s vast Murray-Darling Basin provide water for people, cultural heritage, farms, animals and diverse ecosystems.

Beginning as a tiny trickle the water flows and merges with the Basin’s 23 rivers to eventually meet the sea. 

This book provides a history of the Basin, celebrating First Nation cultures, diving into early colonial history and showcasing the boom and bust cycles of the river system across ancient to present times. 

Join us to meet the extraordinary wildlife that rely on the river and meet the people who strive to conserve the natural ecosystems of the Basin. This book will provide you with a thorough appreciation for Australia’s largest river system.

The rivers and wetlands of the Murray-Darling Basin

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Amazing Ecosystems

A journey through our planet’s spectacular ecology

Over millions of years, countless animals, plants, fungi and other forms of life have evolved together to form complex ecosystems. These amazing community of organisms are interconnected and depend on each other for their survival.

In this book, we will explore many of the ecosystems and species that make our world so biologically rich. This book is designed to open young readers’ minds to some of the main ecosystems across our world via stunning photographs and simple text. 

The book showcases key ecosystem types across the world from our polar regions to the bizarre life forms deep beneath the ocean. We will dive into some of the key threats facing different regions and meet some of the curious creatures that call each ecosystem home.

Amazing Ecosystems

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Nature’s Tricks

How animals and plants use disguises and deceptions

Seeing may be believing, but in nature not everything you see is always what it seems.

From cryptic concealments to masquerades and flashy warnings, countless organisms utilise disguises to gain an advantage in their never-ending bid for survival. These remarkable adaptations, crafted by the uncompromising paintbrush of natural selection, have resulted in some of the most extravagantly detailed outfits, some designed to deceive and others to dazzle.

In Nature’s Tricks, we journey through the amazing strategies of animals and plants around the world to discover how disguises and deception are used in the natural world. The book is divided into four main chapters: Defensive Camouflage, Hunting Camouflage, Mimicry, and Warning Displays. Prepare to spend hours pouring over the fabulous photographs to reveal the creatures hidden in plain sight.  

Nature’s Tricks

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