Resource Box for Schools Program

What is the Resource Box for Schools program?

The Resource Box for Schools program offers four exquisite hardcover books boxed and delivered FREE to the first 4000 schools that register annually.

The books are accompanied by curriculum aligned lesson sequences designed to assist teachers to ignite environmental custodianship in primary aged students while meeting key learning outcomes.

Now in its third year, we have a developed a suite of books illuminating topics about our natural world and cultural diversity.

To learn more about the books in each series, to view the digital books, or download the Teacher Resources, scroll down to explore the content below.

Educators will receive lesson plans, video resources, school fundraising opportunities and group support. Also included is information on how to get involved in our global Roots & Shoots youth-led movement and fundraising with our tree-planting friends at WOODiWILD.


Be a vital part of mental health research!

As part of the Roots & Shoots Resource Box for Schools, our partners at Adelaide University are leading incredible research on the impacts of nature on children’s health – a vital part of our program. Look out for more details on taking part very soon…


What is Roots & Shoots Australia?

Roots & Shoots Australia is a movement empowering young environmentalists to make their ideas happen. There are loads of ways to get involved –  for kids, young leaders, parents and teachers – from DIY community projects to change-making global campaigns. Learn more and join our community here.


Explore our content in the Resource Box Library below!

Each year we create a new box filled with books, curriculum-aligned lesson plans and additional resources.


Any questions?

Please feel free to reach out to us at:

2023 Resource Box registration update

Registrations for the 2023 Resource Box has now concluded.

We are currently in the process of finalising the delivery dates for the 2023 Resource Boxes. The anticipated delivery is likely to take place in the third term of the 2024 academic year. Rest assured, as soon as these dates are confirmed, we will promptly communicate this information to everyone who has registered for a 2023 Resource Box.

For any additional questions or further assistance, please feel free to reach out to us at:

Resource Box 2022

This year’s Roots & Shoots Resource Box includes a second volume of Living Landscapes, a book on the rivers and wetlands of the Murray Darling Basin, and books on animal camouflage and global ecosystems. 

Resource Box 2021

The 2021 Resource Box includes the first Volume of Living Landscapes, a book created with Indigenous authors across Australia, as well books on Australia’s beautiful island ecosystems, the Incredible Universe and What on Earth? a book about plants that you have never heard of.

Resource Box 2020

The 2020 Resource Box includes an Amazing Australia book, which explores Australia’s unique flora and fauna. The Local Safari book is filled with backyard conservation ideas. Incredible Earth – the World’s Most Extreme Places, is a geography book that explores the most extreme and unbelievable landscapes across Australia and the rest of the world. What on Earth? The creatures that you have never heard of, features interesting and rare animal species that call the world their home.