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Roots & Shoots Australia is a movement empowering young environmentalists to make their ideas happen. There are loads of ways to get involved –  for kids, young leaders, parents and teachers – from DIY community projects to change-making global campaigns. Learn more and join our community here.

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Living Landscapes Volume 1

“Nothing about us, or for us, without us”.

This book is a compilation of knowledge and perspectives freely contributed by the First Nation organisations you will meet in its pages, and it belongs to these groups. Through these valuable contributions, readers can learn from primary sources of information; from the knowledge holders themselves. The Jane Goodall Institute Australia and Petaurus Education Group have striven to ensure full, prior and informed consent in the inclusion of all text and images you can see in this book. We are guided by the Our Knowledge, Our Way guidelines*. In the spirit of Dr Jane Goodall’s work, our requests for contributions started with stories about conservation and the interconnectedness of all beings. This resulting first volume will take you on a journey towards understanding some of the work First Nations are doing to Care for Country, and why they are doing it.

Living Landscapes Volume 1

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Living Landscapes Volume 1

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Immerse yourself in the captivating tapestry of Australia’s First Nations cultures.

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Australia’s Amazing Islands

Adventure our archipelago from your classroom


The Australian mainland is surrounded by over 8,000 islands, ranging in size from Tasmania (covering an area of 64,500 km2) to tiny islets and rock stacks. Most of Australia’s islands are located within a few kilometres or less from the coastline although some, most notably Australia’s external territories, are isolated from Australia by hundreds or even thousands of kilometres of ocean. These include Christmas Island, Macquarie Island, and Norfolk Island to name just three. In this volume, we will explore eight of Australia’s most biodiverse and historically interesting island groups: Norfolk Island, Lord Howe Island, Macquarie Island, Kangaroo Island, Rottnest Island (Wadjemup), Cocos (Keeling) Islands, Christmas Island, and K’gari (Fraser Island). There are countless more stories to tell from Australia’s amazing islands that the author hopes will be shared in future volumes of this book.

Australia’s Amazing Islands

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Past Lecture Series: Amazing Islands of Australia

Explore far flung islands from your classroom! Roots & Shoots Australia’s Resource Box for Schools partnered with the brilliant Exploring by the Seat of Your Pants (EBTSOYP) in May 2022 to bring participants an exciting live lecture series – bringing our book Amazing Islands of Australia to life! Via live-streaming students immersed themselves in five of the islands found in the book. Each event, up to 60 minutes long, featured a 15-20 minute presentation, live quiz, and Q&A. These events were free and are now available to watch by clicking on the link below.

Incredible Universe Volume 1

The Solar System

Beyond admiring the beauty of those small, twinkling lights, there has always been a desire by the thinkers through the ages to study and to catalogue, and by doing so, to increase our knowledge and understanding of the jewels of the infinite starscape above.

This book takes you on a journey through the Solar System to explore the seemingly infinite scale, complexity and majesty of our Incredible Universe.

The Jane Goodall Institute Australia partnered with The Royal Institute Australia (RiAus) to bring you a set of resources on the Incredible Universe. 

Gaze upwards, admire and question!

What on Earth? The Plants that you have never heard of

Meet our planet’s weirdest, wildest, most wonderful plants!

What is your favourite plant? A rose, a tulip or a fern?

Or perhaps a carnivorous plant that catches rats, a skull-shaped flower or an electric blue begonia… or one of the 375,000 other plants of our world?

Venture deep into the forests to witness the weirdest vegetation on earth. From the giant Rafflesia and alien looking Hydnora, to carnivorous fly catchers and pitchers, What On Earth will delight young botanists with the most bizarre and beautiful species of our blue and green marble. From the forests, deserts, jungles to oceans, find out more about Earth’s plants – and why we need to protect every piece of our ecosystems.

Discover the amazing plants you have never heard of!

Jane with children at Tree Planting Event

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