Leaving a legacy of this kind is a way to ensure that your values of protecting wildlife and the environment carry on for future generations.

No matter how large or small, when you make a donation in your Will, you are helping safeguard the future of chimpanzees living in the Jane Goodall Institute’s Tchimpounga sanctuary, help fund habitat conservation and the fight against illegal hunting and trafficking of chimpanzees, and support community-based conservation that improves the lives of local people while saving wildlife. In Australia, your gift will support young people — the next generation of leaders — through the Roots & Shoots program.

Leaving a Gift in your Will

If you’re considering leaving a gift to the Jane Goodall Institute Australia (JGIA) in your will, let us know and we’d love to chat to you about your intentions.

  • We know family and loved ones should always come first.
  • We think it is an important step to talk to family and loved ones about your will – communication will help ensure your final wishes are carried out.
  • We also understand that circumstances change and respect your decision to alter your will at any time.

We are very grateful when people decide to include a bequest to the Jane Goodall Institute Australia in their will. If you have any questions you can contact us any time at


Your will is an important document that must be properly prepared and executed. Preparation will save you time, money and help you decide if you need to use a solicitor or if you can do it yourself.

Making a will:

Using a Solicitor:

If you need to make a will, it is best to consult a solicitor who is experienced in wills and estates.

The cost to do this can vary a good deal so be sure to get some estimates from a few.

You can search for Solicitors in your area through the Law Society NSW website

Use the download below to prepare how you would like your will to be structured. It also includes some important questions to ask your solicitor and the correct wording to include a gift to JGIA.

What words to use?

Including a gift to the Jane Goodall Institute Australia in your will is a tremendous act of generosity. To ensure that your decision is carried out smoothly it is very important that the correct wording is used.

Wording of will

‘I (insert your name here) bequeath to The Jane Goodall Institute Australia Limited ABN 98 125 319 771 for its general purposes (or name a specific purpose, such as research at Gombe or for Tchimpounga Sanctuary – please email us on

[Choose and insert the appropriate statement from the list below]
the whole of my estate
(insert number) percentage of my estate
the residue of my estate
the amount of $ (insert the value of your gift in cash)
my (insert name of asset)

free of all duties, and the receipt of the Secretary or other authorised officer for the time being shall be a complete and sufficient discharge for the Executor(s).’

Updating a will:

If you already have a will, the most cost-effective way to include a bequest to the Jane Goodall Institute Australia is by adding a codicil, which is simply a legal amendment to your existing will.

Check with your solicitor if a codicil is sufficient. Depending on the change, they may advise a full update.

Make sure that you notify family and loved ones that you are updating your will – communication will ensure your final wishes are carried out; and include the correct wording to make sure your gift is received and used as you intended.


Whole of Estate – provides the entire Estate to a beneficiary; Residual – refers to the section of the Estate left when all other beneficiaries or debtors have been settled. This could be 100% of the residual or any percentage you choose*; Percentage of Estate – determine an amount as a percentage of your whole Estate*; Specify an exact amount from your Estate – a fixed sum enables you to control how much a beneficiary receives precisely; Assets – can enable a beneficiary to retain the asset and earn an income from it or sell it and realise the capital value. *Either of these options mean you do not need to make changes to the amount if your situation changes over time. You can decide whether you want to specify how your gift is used, or if you’re happy to allow us to allocate it where it will have the greatest impact. Most of our supporters chose to include a gift for “general purposes” but it is possible to specify how your gift is used to ensure it meets your expectations. Please contact us to discuss.


It is an important step to talk to family and loved ones about your will – communication will help ensure your final wishes are carried out.

Let your family know that a gift to the Jane Goodall Institute Australia, or any other charity you may mention, is important to you and advise any executors and guardians of your wishes.

If you have left a gift in your will to the Jane Goodall Institute Australia, please do let us know.

We ask that you consider contacting us to let us know of your intended gift. Your notification helps us by:

  • Providing assurance of future investment into chimpanzee research and support programs
  • Allows us to personalise all communication with you and focus on the programs that interest you
  • Provide you with information regarding annual financial outcomes, program breakthroughs and new research program initiatives
  • Invite you to events for face to face updates with researchers

When you leave a bequest to the Jane Goodall Institute you are giving a very special gift by giving voice to those who don’t have one.

You can notify us by emailing us at

Thank you for your consideration. Together we can work towards a future where animals, people and environment are connected for future generations.

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