What if we could turn back the clock?

15 April 2019
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It is now two minutes to midnight on the Doomsday Clock, a ticking time bomb which represents how close we are to destroying the planet and ourselves. But what if we could turn back the clock? What if we could rewind the future?

Climate change, global conflict, biodiversity loss and declines in wildlife populations have all had devastating impacts on the natural world and have set in motion dramatic changes to our environment which now threaten our very existence.

What is the Doomsday Clock?

Each year, the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, a nonprofit group that sets the clock, decides whether the events of the previous year pushed humanity closer, to or further from, destruction.

The closer to midnight we are, the more danger we’re in.


But it’s not too late, there is still hope.

We still have time to rewind the Doomsday Clock, reduce these threats and create a world where animals, people and the environment live together in harmony.

JGIA is leading the charge with groundbreaking local and global programs that seek to support both human and wildlife communities and rebuild the relationship between people, animals and our shared environment to secure a better future.

YOU can help JGIA to turn back the clock and rewind the future.

With less than three weeks until Dr. Jane Goodall arrives in Australia, time is running out to secure your spot at the highly anticipated Rewind the Future 2019 tour!

Don’t miss out on this rare opportunity to hear hear Dr Jane Goodall’s perspectives on current environmental issues, what the future looks like for the inhabitants of our shared planet and what YOU can do to rewind the future.

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