The War on Waste and Plastics Continues

08 July 2018

Following on our fantastic Thumbs up for Turtles plastic-free campaign in Term 2, we are excited to see all the buzz around reducing waste and plastic continuing this month. Firstly it was of course #PlasticFreeJuly and in case you haven’t heard, the ABC’s War on Waste is back on TV on Tuesday evenings. We are particularly thrilled that our friends Jo and Corina from Good for the Hood and 5 for Ryde are involved, and have even created a downloadable War on Waste Action Toolkit.

In case you haven’t yet joined the movement, you can follow these steps to get started on reducing your waste:

  • Use reusable drink bottles and coffee cups
  • Use reusable shopping bags
  • Say no to plastic straws or use a reusable metal straw
  • Buy unpackaged (and odd-shaped) fruits and vegetables
  • Know your waste and bin etiquette, and pick up litter

As Dr Jane says “everyone of of us makes a difference, everyday” so join us in reducing your waste and making your difference today!

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