Roots & Shoots Mini Grants: ten tips to impress on your 2020 project application

Want to make change in your local area for animals, people or our environment? Up to $500 is available to Roots & Shoots members with a positive project idea this spring – thanks to our annual Mini Grants program. But, what if you don’t know where to start with your application? Our Roots & Shoots Manager, Abbie Mitchell, shares her insider advice on how to get started – and impress our judges before our 15 July deadline, so you can win some cash to turn your dream into reality.

10 tips for a great mini grants application:

1. Motivation follows action

Nut out the steps involved in your project and create a plan of action

2. It costs how much?

Set a budget for the project – be realistic as costs can add up quickly, but don’t let that set you back – consider if you may need to raise extra funds to finish your project. How about a ‘fun’ raiser!

3. Reduce, recycle, reuse, reimagine

Get creative with solutions and cost cutting – it’s better for the pocket and better for the environment.

4. Do your homework

What animal species can you support in your immediate area? How sustainable is your local community? What can be improved? Look around, or do some research!

5. Break it down

You may have a grand plan, but too big can be overwhelming. Break it into manageable stages.

6. Grab some friends

Many hands make light work and also make the project so much more fun.

7. Ask around

Friends, neighbours and local businesses may have tools or materials to reduce the cost.

8. Ask an expert

You don’t need to know everything. Community groups or local council are usually really keen to help you make a difference.

9. Look to the future.

The best time to plant a tree was yesterday. The best time to reduce waste was before it became a problem. The second best time is now!

10. If not me then who?

You can do this. Have faith, learn as you go, ask questions and feel good that you are taking a proactive approach to making a positive difference in the world.