Why leaving a gift in your will is so important to your favourite charity

Today marks International Legacy Day, part of annual Include a Charity Week, where charities worldwide raise awareness of why leaving a charitable gift in your will is so impactful and important. Our CEO, James Forbes, writes why – with over sixty years of groundbreaking conservation, and our nationwide Roots & Shoots program inspiring youth environmentalists – the Jane Goodall Institute Australia is a sound investment – that will see your legacy flourish for many generations to come.

The Jane Goodall Institute Australia (JGIA) is the ideal charity to name in our wills because of its enlightened mission that we are all part of nature – humans, animals, and plants. And from our close involvement, we know JGIA operates with the highest integrity.
Andrew O’Keeffe and Jude Tasker

While the world convulses with issues of a pandemic and climate change, questions often turn to our own mortality. A seemingly difficult conversation, many have figured that having a discussion about what a family member’s intentions are with their Will and Estate can be a unifying and bonding experience.

bequest or gift-in-will is a donation that you make through your Estate after you pass away. Though not compulsory, it’s ideal to communicate your intentions to leave a gift to a charity, or charities, of your choice. This way the charity can ensure that, based on your area of interest, the funds can be used in a manner that best suits your wishes.

If you have faith in your favourite charity’s mission, then a bequest can transform their ability to deliver that mission over the long term. A significant bequest can help make a charity sustainable and enable them to deliver impact for years to come and improve the outcomes for the problem they were set up to solve.

At JGIA a bequest could help expand our educational programs for Australian children or secure the protection of more chimpanzee habitat across Africa. However it helps, you can be sure that the Australian office of the Jane Goodall Institute is committed to ensuring that your bequest – your legacy – transforms the lives of more young people and helps solve some of our most intractable wildlife and environmental challenges.

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