Submission for Inquiry into Australia’s Faunal Extinction Crisis

06 October 2018

In June, the Senate referred Australia’s faunal extinction crisis to the Environment and Communications References Committee for inquiry. This inquiry aims to address over 12 important aspects of the crisis such as the wider ecological impacts of faunal extinction and the adequacy of Commonwealth environment laws. Earlier this year, the inquiry accepted submissions for consideration and we felt like we had a lot to say on the subject.

One of our very own board directors, Zara Bending produced a thought-provoking and informative submission which aims to paint an accurate picture of Australia’s faunal extinction crisis under its current management. The inquiry received over 174 submissions and we hope it brings about much needed progress in protecting Australia’s extraordinary fauna. We urge you to have a read of the Submission for Inquiry.

You can also stay up to date with the progress of the inquiry, which you can track via the Parliament of Australia website.


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