September Newsletter 2014

01 September 2014

1. UN International Day of Peace

Roots & Shoots members around the world celebrated the International Day of Peace on September 21. Congratulations to our Roots & Shoots members who participated. We would love to hear how you celebrated! Please send though any photos and stories to Jane Goodall’s video message can be seen here.

(Photo- Jane Kennedy)

2. National Day of Action for Dingoes

Resulting from a meeting between Jane Goodall and a handful of dingo protection advocates in June, the inaugural National Day of Action for Dingoes was celebrated across Australia on September 21, calling for a truce on the war against dingoes. During the day, the Australian Dingo Coalition (ADC) was launched, giving dingoes greater hope for a sustainable future.

Click here to watch “It’s Hard to be a Dingo” song dedicated to Jane Goodall. Click here to listen to a radio interview about the Day of Action and the ADC. Thank you to the many individuals and organisations who supported the event. Click here to read about Zoos Victoria’s involvement.  (Left photo- Tim Faulkner (television personality and Ambassador for the ADC). Right photo- Roots & Shoots members Zara and Eliza Houghton at the Healesville Sanctuary).

3. Emergency Appeal for Chimp Eden, South Africa

Chimp Eden Sanctuary provides a safe home and long-term care for 34 rescued chimpanzees. The chimpanzees were rescued from dire conditions, having suffered from the consequences of years of civil war, the bush meat trade, the pet trade or the entertainment industry. Nikki and Amadeus, victims of the bush meat trade, were rescued in 1996. As a result of unfortunate circumstances, they are endangered for the second time due an incident of aggression. Authorities have determined that the two chimpanzees need an escape-proof enclosure to ensure the safety of Nikki and Amadeus as well as staff of the sanctuary.  If we do not build the required sanctuary, both chimpanzees will face euthanasia.  We cannot let this happen. The global emergency appeal aims to raise $250,000 by the end of the year to build a safe, escape-proof enclosure and an upgrade of all the existing enclosures in the Sanctuary. JGI Australia is helping by directing 100% of all online donations (excluding memberships and Chimp Guardian donations) received in October, to Chimp Eden. Please help Nikki and Amadeus by making a tax deductible donation during October here You can watch Jane Goodall’s video message here and follow the story on their Facebook page.

4. Roots & Shoots Spotlight – Eliza Jenkins

Following an overnight safari at Werribee Zoo where she learned about the plight of gorillas, 7 year old Eliza Jenkins approached her parents and said she wanted to raise funds and awareness at her school. With the support of her parents, Eliza organised to meet with her principal at Ocean Grove Primary School and shared her idea of holding a ‘Wear Your Onesie Day’ to raise money for the Jane Goodall Institute. Eliza encouraged students to bring a gold coin donation and old mobile phones to be recycled. They raised about $450 and collected 75 phones! If you’d like to organise a Mobile Phone Recycling campaign at your school or workplace, email

5. Roots & Shoots Kitchen Supplies Drive

Roots & Shoots members across Victoria can help Sea Shepherd Conservation Society by organising collections of kitchen supplies/provisions for the ships which are heading back to the Southern Ocean to patrol for illegal poaching activities later this year. There will be a special tour of the ships for our R&S members on October 24.  Please bring your kitchen supplies then. If you’d like to organise a collection at your school, please email

6. World Vegetarian Day

October 1 was World Vegetarian Day and the kick off to vegetarian awareness month. Below are two videos about the importance of becoming vegetarian or eating less meat.

Video of why Jane is a vegetarian    Jane’s Statement on Intensive Farming 

7. Board News

JGI Australia is in the process of finalising our new board members to lead the organisation to its next phase of development. Thank you to everyone who expressed interest in joining us. The volume and calibre of applicants was very encouraging and the new directors will be announced in October.

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