Roots & Shoots Book Project Receives a letter from Dr. Jane! Only If We Care – Paola Ion

25 August 2018

This is the story of an 11-year-old girl inspired by Dr. Jane Goodall to write a book for a science project. Paola Ion from Subiaco Primary School contacted the Roots and Shoots Program and asked us for help with her project, which was provided by our R&S National Coordinator in Perth, Mr. Bill Waterer. Paola has written a fabulous book entitled Only if We Care. Her book is written through the perspective of the chimpanzee David Greybeard and can be found HERE: Only If We Care by Paola Ion

Paola Ion, aged 11, holding her book open to a lovely letter sent by Dr Jane Goodall. The letter has been published on the opening page.

Paola threw herself into the project, working incredibly hard and was subsequently awarded a perfect score; topping her year in this assignment. Most importantly, Paola gained an interest in what we do at Roots and Shoots and how she can make a positive difference to our world. We hope she becomes a lifelong member.

R&S is about ‘Hope through Action’ – the action of people to stand up for the environment, other animals and people who need our help. To solve global problems at a local level.

Paola and her friend Isla Purse have taken to the streets on our behalf and have run two successful community stalls raising close to a hundred dollars…well done girls and a big thank you from everyone at Dr. Jane’s Roots and Shoots movement of which you are now part. The girls are planning another stall in the coming month. You go girls!

Isla Purse (left), aged 11, from Perth Modern High School and Paola Ion, (right), aged 11, from Subiaco Primary School running their stall at the Subiaco Farmers Market

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