October Newsletter 2015

01 October 2015

1. Monarto Zoo Chimp News

Our friends at Monarto Zoo in South Australia have had a very busy and emotional month in their chimpanzee family. First was the tragic news that mum Soona died on October 8 during the birth of her son Boon.  Miraculously little Boon, aptly named to mean “blessing”, survived and was adopted by pregnant female Zombi. Then less than a fortnight later on October 19, Zombi gave birth to her own little boy! Meanwhile Boon’s health deteriorated and despite 24-hour veterinary and keeper care, sadly died in the early hours of October 25. Both the troop and human team are feeling very sad, but Zombi and her son are doing well. More information available from Zoos SA here.

On behalf of all of us at JGIA, we wish the new bub and mum all the best and congratulate the whole team, humans and chimps alike, for their great strength during this time. We know that Soona and Boon will be sadly missed, and we hope that the new little guy will bring some joy to all.

2. New Roots & Shoots Leader in Victoria

We are very happy to welcome Melissa Brown to the JGIA family as our Victoria Roots & Shoots Coordinator! Mel grew up in suburban Melbourne, but as a child spent school holidays camping, hiking and developing strong connections with the land which lead to her completing a Degree in Conservation Ecology. Then, whilst working with Parks Victoria, she had the opportunity to work with local school students. This sparked a passion for education, and she went on to complete a Graduate Diploma of Secondary Education.

Mel has spent the last three years working as an Education Officer at Werribee Open Range Zoo, Healesville Sanctuary, SeaLife Melbourne Aquarium and the Gould League. She loves the opportunity this allows her to engage with young people and inspire them to take action to conserve our world.

Please join us in welcoming Mel to the JGIA family and email her if you’re in Victoria and want to get involved in Roots & Shoots!

3. Fight Still on to Save the Abandoned Chimps

Despite endless requests and peaceful protests, the New York Blood Center is still refusing to keep its promise to provide lifetime care to the more than 60 chimpanzees the centre abandoned after using them in research for decades!


Please join Dr Goodall in keeping up the support via their Save Abandoned Chimps Facebook page and urge the NYBC to reinstate their funding here.

4. Adopt a Chimp as a Holiday Gift

Have you met little Mbebo? One of our orphaned chimps at JGI’s Tchimpounga Sanctuary, he likes to paint and watch his friend Mokolo eat the fruit of the Aframomun plant. One day, Mokolo filled her mouth with the fruit and Mbebo peered in and then begged for some. Mokolo generously shared her meal and the rest is history. Mbebo now gathers the fruit for himself, using his big toes like thumbs to carrying a foot-full of fruit, as well as some under his arm. When he has trouble carrying his entire load he shares the extras with Mokolo. How the tables have turned! Nowadays Mokolo begs Mbebo for a share of his bounty.

Ensure chimps like Mbebo and Mokolo continue to enjoy their Aframomun fruit and get the best possible care at Tchimpounga. Give someone the gift of becoming a Chimp Guardian! Sponsor Anzac, a friend of Mbebo and Mokolo, by clicking here and choosing from a $25 Monthly Guardianship or a $500 Annual Guardianship. Or if you fancy something a little extra from our shop to accompany the Chimp Guardianship, please click here. Remember that the holiday gift-giving season is just around the corner…

5. We Agree that Dr Jane’s a Doll…

And, last but certainly not least, inspired by Australia’s own Tree Change Dolls, artist Wendy Tsao from Vancouver has created her own collection of upcycled role model dolls in the likeness of young girls who grew up to be Jane Goodall, Malala Yousoufzai and many more. The dolls are recycled and inspirational and we couldn’t resist sharing with you!

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