November Newsletter 2015

01 November 2015

1. Welcome

It’s been a busy month for our Australian Chapter of JGI as well as our global family. We held our JGIA Annual General Meeting on November 15th where we presented our Annual Report, gave an overview of our activities during the past year and invited questions from members.  We are very excited to be nearing the end of foundation year of the three year JGIA refresh, and we look forward to further growing our local impact and inspiring actions in the years to come.

We are also excited to announce the launch of Jane’s new blog “Jane Goodall’s Good News for All’. The blog is filled with messages of hope and stories of inspiration. You can visit the new blog here and see Jane’s special introduction to the blog here. Enjoy!

2. Paris Tragedy and COP21

We were all so deeply saddened to hear about the tragic events in Paris, as well as other cities around the world, in recent weeks. We have been in touch with our French JGI family and despite being located close to the attacks, they are all safe. We join them in sending our heartfelt thoughts to the victims and their loved ones.

As a UN Messenger of Peace, Dr Goodall knows that the best way forward from these horrific events is not to react with anger, but with love, peace and compassion. We must work together to make this world a better and more peaceful planet.

To that end, we hope that you were able to join us in marching for change in the People’s Climate Marches across Australia. The marches were part of the lead up to the 2015 Paris Climate Conference, COP21, which is currently taking place. Dr Jane Goodall is speaking at the Conference about the impacts of climate change on animals, people and our environment, and specifically about our Roots & Shoots program. She will be announcing a Call to Action for R&S and highlighting how young people around the world are making a difference each and every day.

3. The Indonesian Haze Crisis and Palm Oil

A joint statement from Ambassadors for the Great Apes Survival Partnership (GRASP), including Dr Jane Goodall, calls on the Indonesian government to end land clearing fires if sustainable practices cannot be implemented, following the environmental crisis in Southeast Asia.

The forest and peat fires in Sumatra and Borneo are threatening the populations, wildlife and ecosystems of Indonesia.  In particular, these fires threaten a third of the world’s remaining wild orangutans – a population that has already decreased by over 50% in the last half-century and one that is increasingly fragmented. These fires are the result of slash and burn agriculture, conducted by small stakeholders and companies hoping to clear land for oil palm plantations, as well as pulp and paper.

Find out how you can help stop this “eco-apocalypse” and the use of unsustainable palm oil on our website at

4. Mother Cares for Disabled Infant Chimp

On a happy note, a beautiful story has come out of Tanzania where a chimpanzee mother has been observed caring for her severely disabled baby. The female infant was completely dependent, unable to walk unassisted and had symptoms similar to Down Syndrome. Sadly, infants born with disabilities would usually  be abandoned in the wild as the physical costs of caring for them would simply be too high for the mother. In this case, instead of abandoning her daughter, the mother and her eldest daughter spent two years caring for the little one until she passed away. According to the journal Primates, it is the first time that scientists have observed chimpanzees nursing the disabled for an extended time. This is a wonderful story that highlights the compassionate and loving nature of chimpanzees.

5. Holiday Gifts from JGIA

Looking for a holiday gift that will actually make a difference? How about making a donation to JGIA on behalf of a loved one or a special gift from our JGIA shop?

We offer donation gift certificates in any amount for the animal lovers on your list. Or have you thought about adopting a chimpanzee for a friend or family member? For as little as $20 a month you could provide baby formula for an orphaned chimpanzee infant. Perhaps they’d like something from our JGIA shop such as a delightful Chimaka book for the kids or unique jewellery for the ladies, or why not some wine for your guests to enjoy over Christmas dinner? Visit our shop  help make a difference to a chimp’s life at the same time!

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