November Newsletter 2014

01 November 2014

1. White King Pulls Chimpanzee Commercial Off Air

JGI is opposed to using Great Apes in advertising and entertainment. Many of you would have seen the recent White King commercial where 3 chimpanzees were used as actors. JGI Australia met with Pental, the company who owns White King, to raise our concerns. By the next day, Pental announced that the commercial will pulled off air on November 22. We are very grateful to Pental for making a decision for the benefit of chimpanzee protection.  We hope Pental’s decision will inspire other companies internationally to stop using Great Apes in advertising. To learn about the issues behind Great Apes in advertising, please click here.
2. Animals in Nepal Need Urgent Help

JGI Australia has joined forces with JGI Nepal to stop the world’s biggest massacre. On 28th November, approximately 500,000 animals are due to be slaughtered near the Gadhimai Temple in Nepal.  The organisers of the Gadhimai Festival have never been under so much pressure to stop the sacrifice, but urgent funds are needed. To donate, please click here. To read more, please click here.
3. Jane’s Video Message

Dr Jane Goodall sent a message to the delegates of the Asia- Pacific Rainforest Summit and the IUCN World Parks Congress 2014, both held in Sydney earlier in November. The World Parks Congress saw more than 5,000 delegates from over 160 countries including heads of state, park rangers, business,  organisation and indigenous leaders, as well as our own JGI team represented by Lilian Pintea from JGI USA, Polly Cevallos and Natalie Houghton from JGI Australia. All were gathered to define the future of protected areas and place them at the centre of solutions to today’s global challenges. Watch Jane’s video message here.

4. Roots & Shoots Expands to the Northern Territory

Arlparra, located 260kms North-East of Alice Springs, is the main community providing services to 16 homelands in the region known as Utopia.  The Arlparra School is the first school in the Northern Territory to join Jane Goodall’s Roots & Shoots program, leading the way for many more.  Utopia Elder and Northern Territory Australian of Year, Rosalie Kunoth-Monks said, “Roots & Shoots reinforces the connection to our land, our plants and our animals.”

(Photo- Natalie Houghton from JGI Australia and Rosalie Kunoth-Monks from Utopia)

5. Jane Goodall and David Attenborough Support the Great Forest National Park

Sydney has the Blue Mountains. Melbourne wants to create the Great Forest National Park, a protected area of forest stretching from Kinglake through to the Baw Baws and north-east up to Eildon.  Jane joined Sir David Attenborough in support of the GFNP.

Over thousands of years, nature has provided the resources that have helped us to survive and flourish. Now, in a time of need, we must help nature to survive. The Great Forest National Park is a project to secure the future of a threatened ecosystem. If we act now, we will be ensuring the forest can continue to provide services that support us- clean water, fresh air and storage of carbon. If we fail now, what future will we have chosen for our grandchildren and their grandchildren?  Please join me in supporting the creation of the Great Forest National Park.” Dr Jane Goodall, DBE

6. Chimp Eden Appeal- Thank you

Chimp Eden Sanctuary in South Africa provides a safe home and long-term care for 34 rescued chimpanzees.  JGI Australia launched an emergency appeal in October to raise funds to build an urgently needed, escape-proof enclosure. As a result of your generosity, we raised $1792 which has been directed to Chimp Eden.  Thank you very much for your support. Please feel welcome to follow the story of Nikki and Amadeus on their Facebook page.

7. JGI Online Shop for Christmas Gifts

Christmas is fast approaching. Visit our online shop for gift ideas ranging from JGI labelled wine, to hand made art pieces (Funky Chooks) from South Africa and Jane Goodall’s latest book, Seeds of Hope. Alternatively, why not give a Chimp Guardianship as a Christmas gift? You can adopt a chimp here.

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