November Newsletter 2013

01 November 2013

1. Jane’s 2014 Australian Tour

Partners and sponsors are invited to join us in creating this once in a life time event in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth.  Please contact CEO for further information-

2. JGI Palm Oil Policy

JGI Australia has responded to your requests to develop an official position on the very complex and urgent issue of palm oil.  We’d like to thank everyone who contributed to the policy and, in particular, to the author and volunteer Palm Oil Co-ordinator, Natasha Jane Coutts. As Jane Goodall says, “Together, we are making a difference.”  You can download our palm oil policy here.
3. Solutionary Spotlight- David and William Clarke

JGI Australia’s mission is to create a generation of young people who care about our world and the animals, people and environment who share it. Our young members, who we call solutionaries, solve social, environmental and animal welfare problems to create a humane, peaceful and sustainable future.  This month, we proudly share with you the work of David and William Clarke.

Sydney based brothers Daniel (17) and William (15) are known in the media as “Australia’s most effective orangutan advocates”.  The boys have now set themselves a NEW GOAL by taking on another one of the Great Apes… the chimpanzee.  They have been working closely with JGI to plan a visit to a chimpanzee rehabilitation sanctuary in the Congo and write a second book.  The boys are hoping to raise funds to get them to the Congo and produce the first run of their book.  If you’d like to be a part of their amazing quest you can visit their website, or go directly to their crowd funding website.

4. Shout Your Support!

JGI has partnered with Shout- a new App designed to raise funds in a fun, simple to use and socially connected way. Shout values small donations and aims to change the world one Shout at a time. Shout embodies the Australian ethos of a ‘Shout’ – looking after your mates, enabling you to ‘Shout’ JGI the value of everyday items such as a coffee, drink or movie ticket and to share your ‘Shout’ via social media.  To download your FREE App and find out more, please click here.
5. Christmas Gift Idea

Are you looking for a unique gift for someone who’s passionate about primates?

JGI has on offer an ORIGINAL painting (76cm sq.) by Sydney artist Yvonne Levenston. The painting comes from her primate series dealing with our contact and conflict with Great Apes. Yvonne draws, paints, prints and sculpts Great Apes on the verge of extinction. 

Visit our online shop here.
6. JGI Australia’s Facebook

Have you visited JGI Australia’s Facebook page recently? We have a rapidly growing number of followers who stay in touch every day with news and discussions about issues affecting animals, people and the environment. Like us on Facebook today!

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