National Bilby Day on 13 September

01 September 2017

The bilby has always held a special place in our hearts, as it holds a very special place on our logo where it represents our Australian Chapter of JGI. And now we have a few more reasons to celebrate this amazing and tragically threatened species. September 13th is National Bilby Day, and we will be celebrating by spreading awareness about these beautiful beings. For example, did you know that they are one of the fastest breeding mammals, with only 12-14 day pregnancies? Or that the bilby’s long ears are used to cool them down in their arid and semi-arid habitat?

We are also celebrating the bilby because we had a special encounter with some bilbies during Dr Jane’s visit to Queensland in June. We were delighted when the Save the Bilby Fund invited us to RSPCA Wacol Brisbane to introduce us to a set of female bilby triplets. Dr Jane was honoured when Frank Manthey from Save the Bilby announced that one was named Jane! As the only Australian native animal to have its own National Day, we encourage you to celebrate this day by making a donation to our friends at the Save the Bilby Fund to ensure its survival. We would also love for you to visit our R&S Project Page watch for some of the ideas that the Qld R&S groups have around how we can help bilbies.

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