Motambo’s Story Update – Freedom is calling

20 December 2018

You may remember that we recently shared the story of a chimp named Motambo. Motambo arrived at Tchimpounga suffering from the worst injuries we had ever seen. He received intensive, round-the-clock care from the veterinary staff at Tchimpounga and stayed in the hospital ward for two months as he recovered.

With a lot of love, care and attention, Motambo was able to pull through..

After his recovery, Motambo remained weak for some time and was placed in an enclosure with the younger chimpanzees and an older female chimp who was always gentle and caring with new arrivals.

Motambo loved to play with the youngsters, and would act the big brother, ending squabbles and protecting the smallest from the larger, more rambunctious chimps.

Together, we brought him back to life. But being alive is not enough when freedom is waiting out there!

We are thrilled to announce that Motambo’s life has changed once more for the better! Once he was strong enough, Motambo was transferred to Tchibebe Island, one of Tchimpounga’s new island sanctuary sites.

Motambo’s new home is a natural island paradise where he can live wild and free, while still under the protective eye of sanctuary staff. A place he and his fellow rescued chimpanzees can live with dignity after such a traumatic childhood.

For the first time since he as captured by poachers, Motambo is able to roam the forested island with his chimpanzee friends, and live freely, just like he did as a child.

The only reason the Jane Goodall Institute is able to save chimpanzees like Motambo is the support of our members & donors, especially that of our Chimp Guardians.

Becoming a chimp guardian starts at just $25 a month and you will play a vital role ensuring the ongoing care of the chimpanzees at Tchimpounga.

While Motambo’s story has it’s happy ending, there are still many chimps waiting for theirs.

Please consider helping us give other chimpanzees, like Motambo, a second chance, and become a Chimp Guardian today.

Watch the video below to see Motambo and the other chimps experience their new island home for the first time.

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but we can’t do it alone.

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