March Newsletter 2013

01 March 2013

 1. Thank You Peter FitzSimons

Our patron, Peter FitzSimons, was keynote speaker at the Geelong Chamber of Commerce’s President’s Luncheon on March 12 to help raise awareness of the Jane Goodall Institute Australia to the business community in the Geelong area. As a highly sought after journalist, author and professional speaker, we are grateful to Peter for generously giving us his time.

2. Animal Matters
CEO Natalie Houghton was among the speakers at a ground-breaking event in Sydney on March 19. Animal Matters was the first in the series of events paving the way for changes in the animal welfare and implications for corporate Australia through high end entertainment and a strong message. Due to the outstanding success of this event, it may be repeated in other cities around Australia.

3. Online Registration for Solutionaries and R&S groups
We now have online registration available for Roots & Shoots groups and Solutionaries.

What is a Solutionary? Someone with the skills, heart, tools and motivation to create a better world for all living things. At JGI we believe in the power of one – the ability of individuals to lead and effect change through the way we live our lives. As Dr Jane says, “Every individual matters. Every individual has a role to play. Every individual makes a difference”. The actions we take today DO make a difference and collectively we have the power to shape our future through our simple every day choices.

Sign up as a JGI Solutionary TODAY and join a growing network of like-minded individuals from over 130 countries. Check out our 10 step plan for what you can do as a JGIAustralia Solutionary.

4. Sophie Lives the Change

Join us in April as Sophie Taylor, our volunteer Community Engagement Coordinator, takes up the Live the Change Challenge. Designed to encourage positive behaviour change for a peaceful, just and sustainable planet, Live the Change Challenge invites participants to adopt 3 simple actions for 21 days. Sophie is committing to the following 3 actions every day for 21 days: 1. Ethical Eating; 2. Random Act of Kindness and 3. Learn and share something new about Great Apes. Share Sophie’s journey via her blog and on our Facebook page. You too can do the Live the Change Challenge by clicking here.

5. Humane Education – Young Minds Conference

Featuring special guest His Holiness the Dalai Lama, Young Minds 2013 is an exciting forum exploring the vital issues facing our youth today. Be engaged and motivated by a summit of 40+ leading thinkers. JGI will be presenting a session on “Converting Potential to Performance” and running a post-conference workshop. SPECIAL 20% DISCOUNT OFFER FOR JANE GOODALL INSTITUTE AUSTRALIA MEMBERS! To learn more, click here

6. Duck Shooting

At sunrise, on Saturday, March 16, the peaceful wetlands of Victoria became the playground for duck hunters who derive pleasure from shooting our native water birds. The hunting season continues for 3 months. JGI supporters attended a community breakfast at the wetlands near Barwon Heads, Victoria, to peacefully object to duck shooting. To find out how you can help Victoria’s water birds, click here.
7. RAW Africa Tour

The RAW Africa Tour is on again in September 2013. Join a small team of adventure-loving conservationists and visit JGI’s program sights in Uganda. See the chimps and gorillas in the wild and contribute to our community conservation programs in the field. Register your interest here.

8. Have an Ethical Easter

Here is a useful guide to choosing ethical Easter eggs that are palm oil free and therefore friendly to orangutans

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