March Newsletter 2012

01 March 2012

1. Live the Change Challenge

This month we are launching our exciting new campaign: Live the Change Challenge.

Helping our planet doesn’t need to be a drag. It can be as easy as changing a few everyday things in our lives. Simple actions like walking to work or refusing plastic bags at the supermarket can make a world of difference.
Beginning May 16th 2012, people young and old will commit to taking 3 SIMPLE ACTIONS EVERY DAY FOR 21 DAYS and they will seek sponsorship from their friends and family to support their efforts while raising money for JGI-Australia.
These Change Agents will be showing everyone just how easy it can be to care for animals, the environment and their communities.
Are you up for the Challenge? Become a Change Agent in our Live the Change Challenge by signing up today.
Visit to sign up!

2. We’re Growing!

JGI Australia is delighted to welcome 2 new staff members to our team!

Dr Alicia Kennedy, Chairman of JGI and long-term, dedicated volunteer, has just been appointed the new Roots & Shoots National Manager. Alicia brings to us a wealth of experience with Roots & Shoots, as well as an infectious dedication to helping our world by inspiring, empowering and connecting people. Alicia replaces Corinne Bowman who resigned from her role with JGI after her maternity leave. We are grateful for the contribution Corinne has made to JGI Australia and wish her well in the future as a mother!

We also welcome Andrew Corlett as our new Administration Assistant. Aside from financial management, Andy brings us a range of creative skills including writing, graphic design, marketing and website development! Andy also volunteers with local environmental groups and can speak French!

3. Fundraise for JGI!

JGI Australia needs your help so we can continue to make a difference. Now, there are more ways to get involved while having fun! The only limit is your imagination! Host a cocktail party for JGI, an afternoon tea, a movie night. Climb a mountain, run a marathon, paddle a river! Go to  to start your own online fundraising page.

Remember, you can also join JGI as a 2012 member.

4. Help the Bilbies this Easter through Darrel Lea
Everyone loves chocolate at Easter time. This Easter, please think of the endangered bilbies, not bunnies! Did you know, that each time you buy a Darrel Lea Chocolate bilby, Darrel Lea donates a percentage of the profit to the Save the Bilby Fund? Darrel Lea bilbies are palm oil free.
If you can’t find Darrel Lea bilbies, look for Haigh’s Chocolates Haigh’s are delicious, completely palm oil free and Business Friends of JGI!

5. Easter Wine Special

In the lead upto Easter, the Vegan Mixed case is reduced by $15! Vegan wine is wine that uses no animal products in its production. $20 from every case of JGI labelled wine is kindly donated to our organisation. Buy a case  for Easter today!


KIDS DAY OUT AT EDGARS MISSION: Sunday April 15th 10am-3pm

Become a Kindness Crusader, help feed the animals on the farm tour, enjoy a delicious cruelty-free lunch and hear from young people who are working to make our world a better place. A fun filled day not to be missed at Edgars Mission which is one of JGI’s special friends!

Go to for more information and to register.

7. Dr. Goodall Meets Queen Elizabeth II

On Monday, March 12, 2012, our founder Dr. Jane Goodall, gave a special address during the Commonwealth Observance Service at Westminster Abbey in London. Dr. Goodall addressed heads of state and more than 1,000 school children during her speech. Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Philip and other members of the royal family were present to hear Jane’s message. Jane also filled the ordinarily formal Westminster Abbey with her signature chimpanzee pant-hoot.
In 2004, Dr. Goodall was named a Dame of the British Empire, the female equivalent of knighthood.

8. Moon Bear movie screening across Australia

JGI is concerned for all life on Earth, including all animal species. For those of you who enjoy stories animal rescues and happy endings, consider watching Cages of Shame as it screens across Australia in April. For further information, go to

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