June Newsletter 2013

01 June 2013

1. Dr Melanie Joy’s Australian and New Zealand Tour

The Jane Goodall Institute Australia is thrilled to be the hosting charity partner of Dr Melanie Joy’s Australia and New Zealand tour in association with Sentient World Entertainment.  Most people want a humane, peaceful and sustainable society, but are not aware of the implications of our food choices. The learning model underpinning Jane Goodall’s Roots & Shoots program is that knowledge leads to compassion which triggers action. Dr Joy’s tour will unveil important truths about food which, in turn, will enable us to make informed choices. For further details about the tour, please visit our home page.
2. Solutionary Spotlight – Thomas King

JGI Australia is on a mission to create a generation of young people who care about our world and the animals, people and environment who share it. Our young members, who we call solutionaries, solve social, environmental and animal welfare problems to create a humane, peaceful and sustainable future.  This month, we proudly share with you the work of Thomas King.

Four years ago, Thomas discovered the plight of orang-utans and other wildlife in SE Asia while watching television.  “A passion was sparked inside of me,” said Thomas. Since then, Thomas has become a voice for animals. He attends and sometimes speaks at demonstrations aimed to stop the exploitation of animals. He has also created his own website to raise awareness about the palm oil crisis.  To become a solutionary like Thomas, please click here.

3. Extraordinary Women

Featured in Melbourne’s The Age this month was Debby Cox who works tirelessly for chimpanzee protection through Jane Goodall Institute’s Tchimpounga Chimpanzee Rehabilitation Centre in the Republic of Congo.  To read the article, click here. The Centre urgently needs public support from Australia. You can help by becoming a Chimp Guardian. To learn more about our Chimp Guardianship program, please click here.  
 4. New Stock in JGI Shop

Have you visited our on-line shop lately? If not, have a look at our new stock, including hard cover journals handmade in Sri Lanka from 100% recycled waste paper and elephant dung. To visit our shop, please click here.
5. Young Minds Conference

The Young Minds 2013 Summit in Sydney was a huge success with 40+ leading thinkers exploring the wellbeing and future of young people-  how do we grow a good person? Among the speakers, was CEO of the Jane Goodall Institute Australia, Natalie Houghton. Natalie discussed why some people are possibly more altruistic than others and the ingredients necessary to make ethical young leaders. For further information about our speaking service, please click here.

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