July Newsletter 2013

01 July 2013

1. Dr Melanie Joy in Australia

The Jane Goodall Institute Australia is thrilled to be the hosting charity partner of Dr Melanie Joy’s Australia and New Zealand tour in association with Sentient World Entertainment.  Most people want a humane, peaceful and sustainable society, but are not aware of the implications of our food choices. The learning model underpinning Jane Goodall’s Roots & Shoots program is that knowledge leads to compassion which triggers action. Melanie’s tour will unveil important truths which, in turn, will enable us to make informed choices. Special ticket prices are available for JGIA members. To book your tickets, please visit our website.

2. Solutionary Spotlight – Mia McKernan

JGI Australia’s mission is to create a generation of young people who care about our world and the animals, people and environment who share it. Our young members, who we call solutionaries, solve social, environmental and animal welfare problems to create a humane, peaceful and sustainable future.  This month, we proudly share with you the work of Mia McKernan.

In 2011, Mia met Jane Goodall during her Australian tour. “I was moved by her passion and motivation for all living things and her amazing discoveries about chimpanzees,” said Mia. “This inspired me to raise community awareness for JGI and more specifically for chimpanzees.” As a result, Mia has created a new campaign called Chocolate Chimp Cookie Day which will begin on Saturday September 7.  Stay tuned for more information next month! To become a solutionary like Mia, please click here..

3. Ultra-Marathon run for JGIA!

Comrades Marathon is the world’s largest and oldest ultra-marathon race, spanning 89km across South Africa. One of the charters of the race is to celebrate mankind’s spirit over adversity. Ernst Pelser, from Sydney, travelled to South Africa in June to compete in this gruelling challenge and raise funds for JGIA! Thank you so much Ernst! To support Ernst’s courageous effort, please visit his  fundraising page.

Through our online fundraising partner, Gofundraise, it’s now simple for anyone to help raise funds for JGIA.

4. JGI helping Orphan Chimpanzees

JGI’s Tchimpounga Chimpanzee Rehabilitation Centre, in the Republic of Congo, is Africa’s largest sanctuary for orphan chimpanzees- victims of the illegal bushmeat trade. Until demand for bushmeat subsides, illegal hunting will continue.  To help the youngest victims—the orphaned babies— please become a Chimp Guardian by registering here.

To watch the story of Tchimpounga’s young Lemba, please click here.

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