JGI in Senegal and Guinea – Aussies making a difference

20 November 2018

Two Australians, Shona Elliot-Kerr and Leigh Findlay, have been providing support to the JGI Spain office that runs projects in Senegal and Guinea.

JGI Spain have provided us with a detailed report on projects being undertaken and the need they have for funding to continue this important work with chimpanzee subspecies of Western Africa (Pan troglodytes verus)

Their CEO, Federico Bogdanowicz, was delighted to have the Australians assisting them in their work.

“We are happy to have counted this year on the help of two outstanding Australian volunteers, Shona Elliot-Kerr and Leigh Findlay (also a volunteer of JGI Australia), who have done a great job and are about to finish their term and go back home.”

We take this opportunity to thank Shona and Leigh for their incredible contribution.

For more information on JGI’s work in Senegal and Guinea, visit the JGI Senegal website 

Dr. Jane inaugurates the JGI Biological Station in south east Senegal.

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