Happy Birthday Dr Jane!

30 March 2018

Dr Jane Goodall will be 84 years young on Tuesday the 3rd of April. As loyal supporters, we know that you will join us in celebrating Jane, and the life that she has devoted to our natural world. In honouring Jane, what greater gift could you give than to let her know that she has inspired you to take action to protect animals, people and our shared environment? Please join us in giving her a special gift today to demonstrate how much we recognise and celebrate all that she has accomplished, and how dedicated we each are to bringing about the harmonious planet she envisions.

“I’m just nigh on 84…I have to speed up rather than slow down… I think my most important role is helping people understand that whoever they are, whatever they’re doing, they make a difference every day that they’re alive on the planet.” Dr Jane Goodall

As Jane often says, we need everybody to help make this world a better place. And as more and more people become involved, great things can become greater. Help us give Jane the gift of making sure future generations live in a world of peace, biodiversity of species and a vibrant, flourishing natural world.

Photo credit: Michelle Morrison

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