February Newsletter 2016

01 February 2016

1. Mobile Phone Recycling Campaign Builds Throughout Term 1



Our Term 1 Mobile Phone Recycling Campaign is in full swing with more than 200,000 students across 50 schools already registered to participate! By joining the campaign, you can reduce the clearing of great ape habitat for mining as well as raise money for JGIA thanks to our partners Mobile Muster and Bounce.

It’s not too late! You can register as a teacher, parent or student. Once you register, we will send you a mobile phone collection box and poster as well as give you access to educational resources around sustainability and recycling. Find out more information at our campaign landing page and thanks again for your valued support.

2. Roots & Shoots Celebrates 25 Years with Inspiring Youth Across the Globe






February 19th was the 25th Anniversary of Dr Jane’s youth empowerment program, Roots & Shoots. It was an amazing global event with members across Australia and the world getting their hands dirty and planting trees to celebrate. The day received global media attention with celebrities like Adrian Grenier from Entourage tweeting his support. For pictures of Roots & Shoots members celebrating the anniversary, just search #rootsandshoots25.

We also featured daily profiles on our Facebook page from Roots & Shoots groups from 25 countries making a difference. If you want to make a difference, join Roots & Shoots today.

3. Welcome to our Inaugural National Youth Leadership Council (NYLC)!







From the JGIA family, we want to extend a very warm welcome to our first ever Australian NYLC! The NYLC is a program of JGIA’s Roots & Shoots and is made up of 10 passionate young people from around Australia who are dedicated to making positive changes for animals, people and our shared environment. Members of the Council will be working with our R&S State Coordinators to support the Roots & Shoots program. Our young leaders will also have the opportunity to gain new skills and training whilst mentoring Roots & Shoots members and representing Roots & Shoots at events and conferences. We will be helping the NYLC to become leaders in their local communities.

To meet our 2016 National Youth Leadership Council, visit www.janegoodall.org.au/nylc.

4. Painted Dog Conservation Inc Supports JGIA with an Online Auction



In honour of the 25th Anniversary of Roots & Shoots, Painted Dog Conservation Inc are hosting an incredible online auction to raise funds for JGIA. To bid on these incredible pieces of art, and many more, simply click here and scroll down through the amazing array of items and place your bid! Bidding not restricted to Australia so please share far and wide. Thank you to Painted Dog for your generous support.

5. JGIA arrives in Queensland with our new Roots & Shoots Leader


JGIA is very pleased to announce that not only are we officially now in Queensland, but we also have a new team member! Kate Garland spent the first ten years of her life growing up in Mackay in Northern Queensland, but is now situated in the urban jungle of Brisbane.  Kate has been a fangirl of Dr Jane for many years and was lucky enough to see Dr Jane speak on her last tour of Australia. Kate is joining us after recently completing her honours in evolutionary science at The University of Queensland. Her research has involved traveling to museums across the nation studying Australia’s iconic marsupials. She has first-hand experience working in scientific research, volunteering in the field and outreach and aims to inspire action to ensure nature’s diversity is protected.

Please join us in welcoming Kate to the JGIA family and email her if you’re in Queensland and want to get involved in Roots & Shoots!

6. JGIA Joins The Transitions Film Festival




JGIA is proud to be a Community Partner of The 2016 Transitions Film Festival, an annual event which has been inspiring audiences and powering social change since 2012. Just wrapping up in Melbourne, you can still check out the festival in Adelaide in May. One lucky JGIA supporter even won free tickets to see “The Rainforests are Under Threat” in Melbourne! For more information search #ideasbloom and keep your eyes open for our JGIA Adelaide double pass give away contest…

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