February Newsletter 2014

01 February 2014

1. Jane Goodall’s Australian Tour

Only 3 months to go! Dr Jane Goodall will soon be touring Australia, celebrating her 80th year! Tickets to her live shows will be on sale soon. Stay informed by joining our Facebook page and checking our website regularly. Our loyal members will be the first to be informed. Click here to become a member.


Live Show Dates:
Sydney- May 31, Melbourne- June 5, Sunshine Coast- June 8

2. Tchimpounga Fundraising Event

“I am hoping that for my 80th birthday this year, we can raise enough money to give the chimpanzees at Tchimpounga the freedom to live in their new forest island home. That would be the best birthday gift.” – Dr Jane Goodall.
To help make Jane’s birthday wish come true, JGIA is holding an event in Sydney at Taronga Zoo on March 6, 6.30 for 7pm start. Click here for further information and contact Polly for enquiries.

To watch the amazing video of the release of Wounda, please click here.

3. Zoe Weil’s Australian Tour

The World Becomes What You Teach Australian lecture series, produced by Sentient World Entertainment in association with JGI Australia, was a great success.  We’ve been inundated with positive feedback. 

For example, “Last night I had the chance to hear and meet Zoe Weil…this incredible woman has been working in an ambitious goal to save the world. I know it sounds crazy and completely unattainable, but the simple fact is that we CAN. …. Start small, recycle, volunteer to a local charity, change the habits as a consumer, help a stranger and you’ll already be part of a bigger change…”

Zoe’s messages about responsibility and empowerment support JGI Australia’s mission to create solutionaries for a humane, peaceful and sustainable world. Thank you Zoe and Sentient World Entertainment!

4. Calling Solutionaries and Jane Goodall’s Root & Shoots Groups

Young people all over Australia are working hard to improve the world for animals, people and the environment. If you’re a  solutionary (individual member) or lead a Roots & Shoots group, please let us know what you’re doing. Email us with a picture and a snapshot of your project. The winner of each month will receive a packet of Dr Hauschka’s  skin care samples and appear in our newsletter.

5. Jane Goodall Lauds US Announcement on Ivory Trade

Many of you may have heard about the recent US announcement about the National Strategy for Combating Wildlife Trafficking & Commercial Ban on Trade in Elephant Ivory. You can read the US release here and Jane’s official statement here.

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