Embrace the Wild

What is the Embrace the Wild Program?

Welcome to Embrace the Wild, where we’re on a mission to ignite your passion for nature and empower you to make a difference, no matter where you are or what your resources may be!

Our program is designed to connect everyone with the wonders of the natural world, offering step-by-step activities that inspire and empower young people to take action for their local animals and environment. Whether you’re just taking your first steps or dreaming up big projects, Embrace the Wild is here to guide and support you every step of the way.

Imagine transforming your outdoor space, whether it’s a tiny window ledge or a shared community garden, into a thriving oasis for wildlife. From growing your own veggies and creating compost to building a bee-friendly garden or a cozy frog hotel, the possibilities are endless. And the best part? It’s all free!

Inspired by the incredible impact of young leaders championing local wildlife, the Embrace the Wild Program is now available across Australia, ready to ignite your enthusiasm and empower you to make a difference.

Ready to dive in?

Choose your path to adventure with Embrace the Wild:

  1. Grab a free DIY Resource Kit filled with projects to get started today!
  2. Register for an Embrace The Wild School Visit to help you design your projects!
  3. Embark on a wild zoo experience! Embrace The Wild experiences run at Sydney Zoo and are currently launching in zoos across Australia.

The journey begins here – let’s embrace the wild together.

Discover how you can access Embrace the Wild below.

School Visit: Bring Wildlife Wonder to Your School with a visit from our peer mentors!

With Roots & Shoots leaders spanning across Australia, we’re thrilled to bring the wonders of local wildlife right to your doorstep. Grants are also available to support you in creating and installing your own wildlife projects on your school grounds! To schedule a complimentary visit including an Apple TV+ Jane episode viewing, register interest here or email our friendly team: info@janegoodall.org.au.

Resource Kit: Unlock Wildlife Adventures with Our DIY Resource Kit!

Crafted by passionate Roots & Shoots youth leaders globally, this kit is brimming with DIY activities tailored to aid you in championing local wildlife… right in your backyard! Think of it as LEGO-style projects, but picture yourself crafting a step-by-step ringtail possum drey nestled in the treetops, a frog haven, or even a lizard lounge!

Zoo Experience: Embark on a Wild Leadership Journey at a Zoo Near You!

Dive into Embrace The Wild through an immersive youth leadership opportunity at a Zoo near you! Teaming up with our various Zoo partners, we present a year-long leadership journey brimming with thrilling animal encounters, impactful sustainability actions, and enlightening environmental leadership sessions. Explore further details below.



Any questions about the Embrace The Wild?

Please visit the FAQ section at the bottom of this page. 

Are there 3 parts to Embrace The Wild?

Correct! There’s a DIY Resource Kit, School Visit and Zoo Experience available. All are free!

Join us in making a difference

Our Embrace The Wild program is made possible through partnerships with organisations across Australia, from schools in our Roots & Shoots Australia network, through to our zoo partners like Sydney Zoo!

Become a funding partner

Are you passionate about helping young Australians grow as conservation leaders and support local wildlife? Join us in expanding our Embrace The Wild program and making an even greater impact. If you would like to contribute to our pool of funds or learn about becoming a funding partner, please email: info@janegoodall.org.au.

What is Roots & Shoots Australia?

Roots & Shoots Australia is a movement empowering young environmentalists to make their ideas happen. There are loads of ways to get involved – for kids, young leaders, parents and teachers – from DIY community projects to change-making global campaigns.

Frequently Asked Questions – Embrace The Wild

Need a quick school holiday idea? The DIY Resource Kit is easy and simple to download for anyone looking to get started immediately: Simply click here to access the PDF.

If your school is based in an Australian city, metropolitan area or island territory, we can visit you! We have members located everywhere from Darwin to Melbourne, and Perth to Norfolk Island!

In-person or digital visits (i.e. Zoom) will depend on facilitator availability.

All School Visits involve:

  1. An introduction to Dr. Jane Goodall and the story of JGIA
  2. An outdoor activity based on your chosen theme: Wildlife, Water, Waste or Wellbeing
  3. Viewing of an Apple TV+ “Jane” Series episode
  4. An interactive activity from the Embrace The Wild Resource Kit!

Embrace The Wild Zoo Experience is delivered with zoo partners across Australia, and combines world-class zoo educational experiences with JGIA conservation leadership training, delivered by Zoo Education staff and friendly peer mentors from the Roots & Shoots network. Each session focuses on a specific species, conservation theme and interactive activity from the Embrace The Wild Resource Kit.

Simply register your interest here for a School Visit or Zoo Experience, and our friendly Australian team will be in contact.

Your Mini Grant will be deposited electronically into a bank account nominated by you.

All Embrace The Wild school workshops are free of charge! Resources to support fundraising are provided at the conclusion of each event.


Yes! The Embrace The Wild School Visit is provided as a free introduction to JGIA! You can register interest here for our flagship habitat education program “Rewild Your School,” which offers a comprehensive curriculum-aligned program!

Currently Embrace The Wild Zoo Experience is based uniquely at the beautiful Sydney Zoo, but we are excited to begin offering Zoo Experiences across Australia soon! Launch dates for Queensland, Northern Territory and Victoria in August 2024.

If you have any further questions, simply email: info@janegoodall.org.au

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