Edge Pledge Launch Event and New JGIA Pledges

01 September 2017

As one of their Founding Environmental Partners, we were thrilled to be a part of Edge Pledge’s Year 2 Live Launch Event on August 25th at Melbourne Zoo. Participants were told about this amazing challenge-based fundraising platform, which puts people on the edge to raise money for wildlife on the brink of extinction. We are even more excited to share with you that we now have had fifteen people take on Edge Pledge challenges for JGIA and our beloved chimpanzees! Some of our favourites that you can vote on right now include:

  • Board Director Zara Bending will either eat a bug a day for a week, go skydiving or take on a “Tough Mudder” run.
  • Our amazing NYLC members Alexia Karatasas, Lauren Moolman and Claire Bensted will either get a wildlife tattoo, not talk for a week or photograph a different animal every day for a month.

Our pledgers have already raised more than $4800 for chimpanzees so don’t miss your opportunity to vote to help the chimpanzees and see someone on the edge! Go to Edge Pledge to find out more.

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