Easter Bilbies not Bunnies

19 April 2018

In case you’re still looking for the perfect treats for Easter, please consider exchanging a chocolate Bunny for a chocolate Bilby. You can make a difference for this endangered and beloved Australian species by buying #BilbiesNotBunnies. Donate now to actively support vital recovery programs run by our friends at the Save the Bilby Fund.

Can’t find the elusive #EasterBilby at a store near you? Do the next best thing by buying palm oil free and recycling your foil wrappings (roll in a ball and pop in recycling). The brands we know of know that are palm oil free or have certain products that are palm oil free include: Haigh’s Chocolate blocks, Whittaker’s, Pana Chocolate, Lindt & Sprungli – Lindt Excellence and Lindt Creation chocolate blocks (note that filled products such as Lindor do contain palm oil), Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate blocks, Dairy Milk, Old Gold, Dream, Aldi Stores (Choceur, Just Organics, Moser-Roth).

Thanks for making a difference for the bilbies, and best wishes for an Eco-Easter from the JGIA Team.

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