Dr Jane in Stellar Magazine

01 October 2017

Out earlier this month in Stellar Magazine in the Sunday Telegraph, Sunday Herald Sun and Courier Mail, Jane was featured in a lovely article about Peace Day. She explains that on September 21st, Roots & Shoots groups around the world will celebrate the United Nations International Day of Peace, by flying giant, handmade peace dove puppets across the skies, even across borders. Jane explains they are meant to symbolise hope. “It’s so obvious that we must work together – nations, races, countries, and cultures,” she says. “We must remember we are all the same underneath. When we cry, we have the same tears. We all shed blood. And the things we share, down to our DNA, make us a part of one huge, global community. See the full article and gorgeous photos here and make sure that you keep up to date with all of our relevant and local news by following our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages and help us continue our work by becoming a JGIA member.

Photo credit Toby Burrows
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