NYLC Lead JGIA’s Team 2 Plastics Campaign

It has been predicted that there will be more plastic than fish in the ocean by 2050. From Earth Day and continuing throughout Term 2, Jane Goodall’s Roots & Shoots Australia (R&S) and National Youth Leadership Council (NYLC) members will focus on ocean plastics and how our choices impact on our precious wildlife.

With news and ideas from around the globe, and those taking place on very our shores, our R&S and NYLC teams will show us how we can make a difference on the issue of ocean plastic.

Also, projects from R&S groups around Australia will be shared and make sure you keep an eye out for posts on the Hawksbill Turtle. The incredible and unique Hawksbill Turtle has a migration path from the UAE to the North Queensland coast of Australia and holds a special place in the hearts of our R&S groups both here and around the world.

For more information on the inspiring team behind our NYLC plastics campaign and perhaps join the NYLC yourself, please visit our NYLC webpage and of course find out more about our entire Roots & Shoots movement at rootsandshoots.org.au and follow us on our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter R&S pages or sign up for R&S today.

Photograph: Barbara Fischer, Australia./Getty Images

R&S Switches Off for Earth Hour

Our Roots & Shoots teams across Australia celebrated Earth Hour on Saturday the 24th of March as a time to switch off and support climate action. Australia is home to some of the world’s most iconic and breathtaking natural landscapes and wildlife, but like many of the natural wonders of the world, we’re facing massive threats to our biodiversity due to climate change. That’s why people in more than 180 countries switched off their lights for Earth Hour as a symbolic gesture to show the need for stronger climate action.

This year, nearly 31,000 people in Australia joined the movement including our awesome young Roots & Shoots member Tahlia, from Distance Education Centre Victoria, who made a wonderful video to remind us why it is important for everyone to participate. Our friends at the Centre for Environmental Law, Macquarie University also participated by making and donating sustainable soy candles to every single person who pledged to turn off their lights for Earth Hour.

Great work from our R&S groups and if the young people in your life are not already part of this movement of inspirational youth, please encourage them to sign up for R&S today. To find out more visit rootsandshoots.org.au and follow us on our FacebookInstagram, and Twitter R&S pages.


Happy Anniversary Roots & Shoots!

On this day back in 1991, Roots & Shoots was born with a small group of concerned young citizens gathering on Dr Jane’s porch in Tanzania. Today, Roots & Shoots is a global network of young people (from preschool to university) taking action on behalf of animals, people and our shared environment and making a difference in almost 100 countries. Right here in Australia, we have thousands of R&S members taking part in our National Youth Leadership Council and our campaigns on mobile phone recycling, palm oil, chimp champion and many others.

If the young people in your life are not already part of this amazing movement of inspirational youth, please encourage them to sign up for R&S today. To find out more visit rootsandshoots.org.au or email rootsandshoots@janegoodall.org.au.

NYLC Applications Open until 5 February

We are thrilled to be accepting applications for our National Youth Leadership Council (NYLC). If you know a young person who wants to make a difference in the world, please let them know that there is still time to apply to be part of our 2018 NYLC. Applications close on February 5 at midnight. They will gain experience volunteering, be part of a community that is now in nearly 100 countries around the world and meet like-minded young people from all over Australia. To apply, and see the profiles of the inspirational young people currently on our NYLC, please visit our NYLC page and of course make sure that you sign up for R&S today and follow us on our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter R&S pages.

Amazing Final Roots & Shoots Projects of 2017

We have certainly ended 2017 with a bang with some outstanding Roots & Shoots Australia projects. First were two projects from Kalkie State School in Bundaberg. A group of seven-year-old students designed and illustrated 100% cotton “Fantastic Not Plastic” shopping bags, to encourage not using plastic bags. They presented these gorgeous 20 bags to special guests, including Dr Jane Goodall. Also from Kalkie SS, R&S member Tara won the Capricorn Film Festival #lovethereef category with her film “One Plastic Bag”. Congratulations Tara and well done everyone at Kalkie SS!

Another fantastic young filmmaker is seven-year-old Olivia from WA. Olivia is a wildlife warrior and R&S member who is passionate about animal conservation. She loves to research facts on animals and put them together in narrated videos. She has already made videos on being kind to elephants, rhino conservation and rewilding a cheetah, but our favourite is her video on palm oil and its effect on orangutans. Keep up the great work Olivia, and we hope that you inspire other R&S members to follow their passions!

Finally, it was a gorgeous surprise to have a package of letters delivered to our office from Mrs Cunningham’s 4B class at Victoria Point State School in Queensland. These letters were filled with wonderful questions about animals and the environment, and drawings of some of our favorite creatures. Thank you so much for your curiosity 4B and for filling our mailbox, and hearts, with so much colour and joy. To take part in all of the action, make sure you sign up for R&S today and and follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter R&S pages.

Asha Represents JGIA at the R&S Windsor Gathering

In a hall at Windsor Castle, that once apparently held Shakespeare and Queen Elizabeth, the 1st, our young Roots & Shoots groups from around the globe met earlier this month to discuss how they can make their world a better place. We were very pleased to have Asha Mortel, one of our dedicated R&S NYLC members, represent JGIA at this special annual gathering. Asha told us: “Windsor was an amazing experience that allowed me to showcase the work that Roots & Shoots Australia is doing on a global stage. I got to meet some of the most inspirational young people from around the globe and learn about what they’re doing to help animals, people and the environment in their own countries.” At the gathering, not only do the youth representatives get to spend plenty of quality time with Dr Jane, but they also come home with a new network of likeminded friends. Thanks for being there on our behalf Asha and we can’t wait to see what you will do next!

R&S Mini Grants Program Launches!

Do you, or a young person you know, have a project on animals, people or the environment in your community that needs funding? We are excited to announce the launch of our R&S Mini Grants Program! You are now able to apply online for a $250 or $500 grant to help fund your R&S project to help animals, people, or the environment. Please sign up for R&S today and then visit our visit our Mini Grants webpage to submit your application. Applications are open all summer holidays until February 28th, 2018 so get your thinking caps on for eligible projects and keep your eyes on our R&S Projects page and follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for inspiration!