Girringun Aboriginal Corporation

Girringun is the name of the ancestral creator of the Warangnu, Jirrbal, Warrgamay and Girramay people. This ancestral creator is responsible for the marriage and hunting lore. Girringun Aboriginal Corporation is located at Cardwell, half-way between Townsville and Cairns in north-Queensland. The corporation represents the interests of traditional owners from nine tribal groups: Bandjin, Djiru, Girramay, Gugu Badhun, Gulnay, Jirrbal, Nywaigi, Warrgamay and Warungnu. The corporation has over 750 members, with the governing body comprising two representatives elected from each of the nine tribal groups. Girringun’s vision is to provide sustainable outcomes for its members and the community at large while maintaining and caring for the land and preserving their culture and traditions.

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