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The Wattleridge Indigenous Protected Area covers 650 hectares of woodlands and forests on granite soils, home to an amazing diversity of plants and animals. The Banbai nation are the traditional owners of this country and fire is an important part of their way of life. Wattleridge was the first Indigenous Protected Area to be declared in New South Wales.

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Download the Banbai calendar. Get the latest, fully detailed version of the Winba=Fire calendar.

Witness the brilliant work of Indigenous rangers at some of the Indigenous Protected Areas (IPAs) in North Eastern NSW.

What is cultural burning? Find out how other First Nations are using cultural burning as a way to enhance the health of the land and its people.

Fire and the land. Discover the many ways fire affects the different landscapes of Australia.

Understanding the Banbai calendar. Learn more about the details of the Banbai calendar and what it means at the Bureau of Meteorology (

How is a Fire calendar created? Explore a formal scientific journal article about how the Winba = Fire calendar was produced. This is great for senior Geography and Science students.

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