Dear World…

What is Dear World…?

The Jane Goodall Institute Australia’s Roots & Shoots, in partnership with education social enterprise, Upschool, are launching a new book series called “Dear World…”, with the first volume releasing early this year. In this book, environmental and social justice leaders from around the world share their personal experiences of creating positive change for Animals, People, and the Environment, to spread hope, and inspire young change-makers.

This book features letters, written by both unsung heroes and world renowned activists, such as Bunker Roy (founder of Barefoot College India), Rev Tim Costello (Micah Australia), Jill Robinson (Founder of Animals Asia, Hong Kong), Stephen Ritz (Green Bronx Machine, USA) and many others. Our youngest contributor is 9-year old Sebastian Onate who designs and sells T-shirts made of recycled fibres!

The stories told address all 17 of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and come from all seven continents of the world, including Antarctica! From animal welfare to education to marine biology and many more; there is a story for every passion. 

Alongside our activist letters, this book also features illustrations and messages of hope and concern from children all over the globe. Young people from all over the world have contributed hand-drawn and digital illustrations to go with each chapter. Children as young as 6 years old have also shared messages and calls to action for the world. Dear World is truly part of a youth-driven movement!

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Shining Light in Dark Times: Dr. Jane Goodall’s Thoughts on Dear World…

“This is a book that is much needed today. We are going through dark times, politically, socially and environmentally … Each letter lights a little lamp in the darkness and hundreds of thousands of little lamps will dispel the darkness altogether. This book will lift the spirits of those who have lost hope, and support the optimism of those who dare to dream of a better world.”

Through Dear World™, we hope to spread Dr Jane’s message that “Every individual matters; every individual has a role to play; every individual makes a difference” and inspire you to take action on something that is meaningful to you. Together we can, and together we WILL make the world a better place!


Please visit the pre-registration page above to ensure you receive updates about publication! We look forward to sharing a limited number of first edition copies at Dr Jane Goodall’s Australia Tour in May and June 2024.

Are you, as an individual or small group, creating positive change for animals, people or our world? We’d love to hear from you! Reach out to us at