August Newsletter 2014

01 August 2014

1. Art Workshops

Calling all budding artists! Archibald and Doug Moran National Portrait prize finalist Bob Baird, has kindly offered his world class artistic skills to support JGI! We are developing 2 day, animal sketching workshops for beginning adults and welcome your input. Please contact Natalie by 5pm August 25, to express your interest and let us know where you live (closest city) and what sort of animals you’d like to sketch (eg. Australian animals, African animals, rescued dogs, pigs, horses, chickens etc.).

2. A Conversation with Jane

A reporter from The Verb caught up with Jane Goodall, “the rock-star grandma of the environmental movement”, in Melbourne recently. Their conversation covers a range of topics from climate change to meat eating and antibiotics.  The interview is available here.

3. New Board Members

JGI Australia is in the process of finalising our new board members to lead the organisation to its next phase of development. Thank you to everyone who expressed interest in joining us. The volume and calibre of applicants was very encouraging and the new directors will be announced soon.

4. Roots & Shoots Spotlight

Roots & Shoots members from Bali, Melati and Isabel Wijsen, initiated the Bye-Bye Plastic Bags campaign in an effort to rid Bali of plastic bags. They now have a team of over 25 students working with them from schools all over the region and have a petition running to ban the use, sale and production of plastic bags in Bali by January 2015. They need a million signatures on the petition to get the Governor of Bali to fulfil his directive to ban plastic bags in Bali.   Bye Bye Plastic Bags Petition 

5. Roots & Shoots Helping Sea Shepherd

Roots & Shoots groups and solutionaries across Victoria have been invited to help Sea Shepherd Conservation Society by organising collections of kitchen supplies/provisions for the vessels, which are heading back to the Southern Ocean to patrol for illegal poaching activities later this year. There will be a special tour of the ships and the organisations ships operations base, for our R&S members on September 16.  If you’d like to join us, please

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