Tchimpounga Chimps Happy in their Island Homes

01 October 2017

The time has arrived! For many years, JGI in the Republic of Congo has been working toward the transition of chimpanzees from the Tchimpounga Chimpanzee Rehabilitation Center’s original site to our island sanctuary sites. Our JGI staff and caregivers have been working on this process for a very long time, selecting chimpanzees that are good candidates for the transfer. Each individual has been observed in their daily life and in their relationships with others. Over this period, many have been transferred to the islands of Tchibebe and Ngombe, and now, a final group is being taken to Tchindzoulou Island!

We are thrilled to report that so far the chimpanzees are thriving in their new homes. With the numbers on the islands increasing, new arrivals create a more and more complex group with an intriguing hierarchy. The JGI team has observed that the great male Chivanga is dominant on Tchindzoulou and the female with the highest status is Wounda. You may remember Wounda from her gorgeous moment with Dr Jane! (watch Wounda’s journey on the JGIA YouTube Channel).

The new island habitats will ensure that Tchimpounga’s many residents have the space and freedom to live an enriched life in the jungle with a large social group, but this would not be possible without our Chimp Guardians. If you would like to help us continue this wonderful work please become a Chimp Guardian today.

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