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Dr. Jane Goodall’s The BOOK of HOPE (Hardback)

SKU 00032

Dr. Jane Goodall’s The BOOK of HOPE (Hardback)

We are incredibly pleased to offer Dr. Goodall’s latest, highly-acclaimed hardback, The Book Of Hope, for sale in the Jane Goodall Institute Australia (JGIA) shop. 70% of proceeds from every book sold by JGIA funds community conservation projects in both Africa and Australia.

Buy The Book of Hope from JGIA and you’ll keep Jane’s vision of hope through action alive! Your purchase helps empower young people and cultivate their deep connection to nature, here in Australia, as we face the challenge of the climate crisis, and in Africa, among communities living side-by-side with endangered chimps.

We are also offering a premium option featuring a rare edition, ink stamped with Dr. Goodall’s autograph ($45), in addition to the inclusive charity donation.

About The Book of Hope

A legendary conservationist. A lifetime spent fighting for nature. An indispensable message of hope.

The world-renowned ethologist naturalist and conservationist Dr. Jane Goodall has spent more than a half-century warning of our impact on our planet. From her famous encounters with chimpanzees in the forests of Gombe as a young woman to her tireless campaigning for the environment in her late eighties, Jane has become the godmother to a new generation of climate activists.

In The Book of Hope Jane draws on the wisdom of a lifetime dedicated to nature to teach us how to find strength in the face of the climate crisis, and explains why she still has hope for the natural world and for humanity. In extraordinary conversations with her co-author Doug Abrams that weave together stories from her travels and activism, she offers readers a new understanding of the crisis we face and a compelling path forward for us all to create hope in our own lives and in the world.

The world needs a manifesto of hope now more than ever. This profound book from a legendary figure in the fight against climate change shows that even in the face of great adversity, we can find hope in human nature, and in nature itself.

Praise for The Book of Hope:

“One of the most impactful and important leaders on the planet. Jane spends nearly every day spreading optimism and raising awareness worldwide; hers is a powerful message to protect the inherent rights of every living creature, to provide hope for future generations and to sound an urgent call against the greatest environmental threat of all-climate change.”

“A true hero.”

“A lifetime of experience and wisdom, combined with much-needed optimism, in this guide to the climate crisis and what we can do about it.”

“Illuminating… teases out Goodall’s thoughts on why one should feel hopeful in “dark times.” In unpacking her belief in the power of persistence, Goodall takes readers to her childhood home in England, where her family questioned if she had the constitution to travel to Africa; to Tanzania, where she studied chimpanzees and came face to face with ‘crippling poverty, lack of good education and degradation of the land’; and into her work as a U.N. Messenger of Peace. Her infectious optimism and stirring call to action make this necessary reading for those concerned about the planet’s future. Goodall’s rousing testament will resonate widely.”

“At 87, the world-renowned naturalist and conservationist remains a doughty campaigner who has inspired Greta Thunberg and countless others. Now she draws on the wisdom of a lifetime dedicated to nature to explain why she still has hope for the natural world and humanity. In a series of enthralling conversations with her co-author Abrams, she weaves together stories from her travels and activism to offer a manifesto of hope – which shows that even in our current state of adversity, we can still take inspiration from nature.”

“Jane Goodall has achieved an incredible amount in her life. As a researcher, she has changed our understanding of chimpanzees – highly intelligent animals with unique cultures and tight family bonds. As a conservationist, she has galvanised generations of activists.”

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