October Newsletter 2016

01 October 2016

1. Join #LabelMe and Vote for Palm Oil Labelling

A big thank you to all the students across Australia who have been posting to social media or sending us their #LabelMe pictures. Through this campaign we are hoping to solve the problem of palm oil labelling. Currently palm oil can be labelled more than 200 different ways making it almost impossible for you to shop ethically or look for certified sustainable palm oil (CSPO). Uncertified sustainable palm oil contributes to the deaths of more than 1,000 orangutans a year as their habitat, and that of elephants, tiers and rhinos are destroyed through unsustainable palm oil production. And now chimpanzees are also at risk as palm oil plantations are increasingly moving into Central Africa as demand by food manufactures increases. This November, Australian and New Zealand governments will be voting on whether to make palm oil labelling mandatory on all food products. Roots & Shoots’ #LabelMe campaign is raising awareness for the vote and the importance of palm oil labelling for animals, people and our shared environment. Post your #LabelMe pic on Instagram or Facebook and tag us @janegoodallau to help spread the message and sign the petition.

2. Happy 100th Birthday to Taronga Zoo

Congratulations to Taronga Zoo on celebrating 100 years on October 7th. We were thrilled to be a part of the celebrations with JGIA CEO, Nancy Moloney, JGIA Board Members, Mark Richardson and Simon Duffy as well as Global JGIA Board Member and Founding JGIA CEO, Polly Cevallos, present. We hope that you were able to join in the celebrations with Taronga’s special parade through the city, and if not, keep watch for special events throughout the centenary year. Happy birthday to our Taronga friends, humans and animals alike!

3. JGIA Celebrates World Animal Day

On October 4, we honoured World Animal Day. With a mission to raise the status of animals in order to improve welfare standards around the globe, we shared messages and good wishes from both Dr Jane Goodall and JGIA. Each year World Animal Day grows through events large and small, so we hope you will join us in sharing the importance of this day and everything it aims to achieve going forward.  #WorldAnimalDay

Disclaimer: Dr. Goodall and the Jane Goodall Institute do not endorse the handling of wild chimpanzees.

4. Claire goes Crimson for the Cause

Our brave Roots & Shoots NYLC member Claire completed an Edge Pledge to fundraise for JGIA. She put herself on the edge by asking people to vote for one of three challenges: dying her hair an outrageous colour, wearing the same outfit for a month or not talking for a week. Claire raised $250 for JGIA in exchange for dying her hair bright pink! You can watch the fun here. Since completing her pledge, Claire has been made an Edge Pledge ambassador and the online volunteer coordinator. Well done Claire! We’d love you to join Claire in completing your own Edge Pledge for JGIA – sign up here and watch this space for future JGIA Edge Pledges.

5. Did you see Dr Jane Goodall on Catalyst?

We are so grateful to the team at the ABC for replaying the 2014 Catalyst interview with Dr Jane Goodall recently.  If you haven’t yet watched the interview, you can see it here via the ABC website.

6. Survey Winners

Congratulations to our JGIA survey winners – Amanda Lancaster and Claire Dafonseca! In case you missed it, all respondents to our two short surveys, on Facebook and in our September eNewsletter, were entered into the draw to win a JGIA prize pack. Amanda and Claire each won a copy of Dr Jane Goodall’s book “Seeds of Hope”, a copy of “Chimaka the Chimpanzee” and a Bead for Life necklace and bracelet. Thank you to everyone who responded and happy reading to our winners!  For your chance to win any future surveys, and to stay up to date on our activities, please follow our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages.

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