July Newsletter 2012

01 July 2012

1. New Website – Andy and the JGI team have been creating a brand new JGI website. Go to this link to view our website and upcoming events now!

2. Lisa Wilkinson – JGI Australia is honoured to have Channel 9’s television host Lisa Wilkinson as Patron. Learn why Lisa supports JGI Australia here.

3. Humane Education – JGI Australia’s vision is to become Australia’s leading Humane Education and Great Ape conservation organisation. Alicia has been training with the world’s Humane Education experts. Read more about Humane Education and why it is vital in creating a better world here.

4. JGI Uganda Adventure – JGI Australia has partnered with RAW Africa to create a unique travel experience in Uganda in November this year! For more information, go to this link.

5. Jane’s Journey – We are delighted to announce that we will soon have DVD’s of Jane’s Journey, a beautiful film about Jane Goodall’s extraordinary and inspiring life, available through our online shop. To mark World Peace Day on September 21, we are organising a national film day where Roots & Shoots groups and individuals around Australia will be screening the film in their homes, inviting friends and family to watch the film. Check our online shop and buy your copy soon.

6. JGI Coffee Cups – How many disposable coffee cups do you think Australians use each year? Approximately 500 million!!! You can help reduce waste and landfill by using a quality, JGI coffee cup instead of a disposable. Buy one today from our online shop.

7. Roots & Shoots Group News – St Brigid’s College R&S group, WA continues to work hard in their school community raising awareness of the Australian Orangutan Project. They also held a bake sale to raise money to sponsor orphaned Orangutans. Well done to all the girls at St Brigid’s! Read more.

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