JGIA launches 15 curriculum approved primary school lessons

26 November 2018
JGIA teamed up with Cool Australia to develop 15 highly Australian Curriculum integrated primary school lessons for K-6. The lessons include over 60 interesting resources and fun activities.   Lessons were officially launched on November 22, 2018!
Please share this exciting news with teachers so they know how to access these amazing free resources. 
Today, Dr Jane works to inspire action by individuals and groups who work on environmental issues that assist animals and people her global Roots and Shoots program places the power for creating solutions to big challenges in the hands of young people. These new lessons help to continue Jane’s message in a format that is linked to HASS, science, maths and English in the Australian curriculum.
The Roots&Shoots lower primary <https://www.coolaustralia.org/unit/roots-shoots-lower-primary/> and upper primary <https://www.coolaustralia.org/unit/roots-shoots-upper-primary/> lessons encourage students to think critically about habitat destruction and take action on a local environmental issue.
The Foundation to Year 2 maths, science and HASS lesson Endangered Data <https://www.coolaustralia.org/activity/roots-shoots-endangered-data-maths-lower-primary/> explores the population numbers for Australian endangered species through an outdoor conservation trail. Students analyse the data and suggest ways to protect these species.
The Year 3-6 science and HASS lesson Consuming our World <https://www.coolaustralia.org/activity/roots-shoots-consuming-our-world-upper-primary/> explores how our choices impact people, animals and the environment. Students evaluate a ‘shopping bag’ of products to provide ethical star ratings.
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