JGI celebrates 57 years in Gombe through Google

01 August 2017

Nearly 60 years ago, Jane Goodall went into Gombe, Tanzania, to study wild chimpanzees, following her dream to live with animals, learn about their lives and share their world with humankind. Her discoveries changed the world. Today the Jane Goodall Institute is still learning from the fascinating jungles and chimps of Gombe Stream National Park, continuing Dr Jane’s work, passion and vision. Read about all of the breakthroughs, magic and science still happening in Gombe in our JGI US blog celebrating the tremendous impact of our work.

We are also excited to announce the launch of a new Google Earth feature: Goodall, Gombe and Google. The story is now live and available for interaction. JGI’s Lilian Pintea spoke at Google’s press event for the launch and there is a JGI US blog post to highlight the wonderful aspects of this new storytelling tool. And in case you haven’t seen it yet, you can also go on a virtual visit via Gombe Street View. Just make sure that you head back to our Australian JGI and R&S websites when you are done to stay in touch with relevant and local news and help us continue our work by becoming a JGIA member. Happy exploring!
Photo credit the Jane Goodall Institute/Hugo van Lawick
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